Bund Source

The end of year 2013 witnessed the relocation of LEVANTART at 107 Huqiu Road Shanghai. The new location is in the vicinity of the Rockbund district where the Suzhou Creek and the Huangpu River joint and that borders Yuanmingyuan Road in the east, Beijing Road (E) in the south, Huqiu Road in the west and Suzhou Road (S) in the north. Covering an area of 16,800 square meters, this district is a physically unique place in Shanghai that features business zones, cultural zones, historical relic site zones and modem high end commercial zones. Within the district remain a cluster of contemporary buildings with varied western styles built from 1920 to 1936, which are regarded as the origin of the exotic building clusters in the Bund of Shanghai, including the former location of the UK Consulate at 33 on the Bund and other 11 heritage buildings, such as: Capitol Theater, China Baptist Publication Building, Christian Literature Society Building, Lyceum Building, National Y.W.C.A Building, Ampire Building, The North China Branch of The Asiatic Society. The six newly built modern buildings will add to the glory of the Rockbund and contribute to making it the unique landmark of Shanghai.


As the commercial zone of the Rockbund aims to create a high end city view land integrating top-notch fashion into contemporary art, the recent years has witnessed a new conception of Cultural Commerce taking shape in this zone. This conception should be accredited to the emergence of the Rockbund Art Museum, some small sized art intuitions or galleries, some artist studios and Christie’s in the Rockbund district. And it is this Cultural Commerce conception that appealed to LEVANTART.


Like other buildings of the Rockbund built in the mid of the 20th century, the building where Le Vantart resides has seen the historical changes over the last one hundred years, performing different functions. Its French floor windows, with four meters in height, overlooking the streets, provides LEVANTART with adequate space required by cubic artworks and the natural daylight the glass art relies on. As one of the Rockbund projects, we hope to lend the protection of historical buildings to integration of art forms into the fashion and commerce unique in Shanghai, in order to promote the local culture of the Rockbund and even that of Shanghai as well.

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