Living with Art

Living with Art is not only the ideal Levant Art Gallery has always been in pursuit of, but also the measuring stick employed to choose the art talents and their works of art. We desperately hope that every art piece will become the one that has been fully integrated into our daily life, thus sustaining the value of living with art.


Since 2005, Levant Art Gallery has achieved great success in various fields. For example, we’ve managed a series of art exhibitions and organized quite a few international cultural exchange activities. The artists in our gallery have made their way into the public realm by creating several landmark sculptures. What’s more, Levant Art Gallery has also made good performance in serving as art consultant and exhibition curator.

October 28, 2006 saw the founding of Levant Art Gallery. The gallery is mainly devoted to operating and promoting sculptures. This is more of the beginning of artistic practice than the moment of realization of a dream. This also serves as the starting point of a new path for Levant to practice its own art of sculptures.


The year 2007 was the period of exploration after the founding of the art gallery. Levant Art’s promotion of European classic art was furthered by the cooperation with Peter van Os, a European antique identification professional who gave us a chance for learning about the development path of European art over the world.

2008 was fruitful, having implemented sculpture projects where Levant Art had collaborations with other parties, which left Levant Art experience of and paved the way for operating subsequent large scale public art projects.


In 2009, Levant Art Gallery did its bit in the successful opening of Shanghai International Ceramic Art Fair which devoted itself to providing an ideal platform for the promotion of Chinese ceramics and ceramics design. Meanwhile, Levant Art systematically readjusted its operations of sculpture exhibitions, and promoted the conception of iSculpture series exhibitions.

In 2010, based on the artists’ styles and the medium they each were good at, the art events held by Levant Art were divided into four categories, namely, iSculpture, iGlass, iDesign and iCeramic. Against this backdrop, it’s our hope that corresponding artworks and the art talents could be systematically introduced to the public.


In 2011 where the past five years ends and the future starts, Levant Art will be more devoted to the practice of Living Aesthetics and to guiding people’s experience of, attitude towards and styles of life with the help of the marriage of art, design and traditional handicraft as well as its derivatives.


In 2012, while the completion of public art projects, LEVANT ART also paid efforts to promote the glass art in China. Such as planning a number of thematic exhibitions of glass art, introducing foreign glass art experts to teach in several Chinese Fine Art Institutes or glass studios.


In 2013, LEVANT ART relocated in Waitanyuan Area, which showing LEVANT ART completed a comprehensive upgrading of VI and space. Meanwhile LEVANT ART STORE was started in the new space, launched with a series of Arts derivatives combining with exhibitions and representative design products.

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