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In my work I talk about the phenomenon of the moment as a fleeting condition, and about how we crytallize personal moments in the pool of events by experiencing, memorizing and collecting. The flow of incidents and the uniqueness of every moment, regarding the openness of an endless number of possibilities is what interest me. I think of this as a fragile system through which we navigate, and through which we are navigated, and which could be compared to the amorphous structure of glass. I use glass and other materials, including natural phenomena in a poetic, metaphoric way to picture our fleeting, vulnerable existence.
My practice is open to various disciplines, but I have a strong affection for glass as it offers very unique sculptural possibilities.
Glass itself is a material, which in itself is a sort of in between, its multifarious materiality is characterized by transformation, transition, and translucency. Its solid state seems to be a momentary statement.
I am interested in sensitizing perception and raising awareness of the uniqueness of life and it is my wish to make art that sparks curiosity towards life`s phenomena.
We mostly get curious about something we do not understand or something we never saw before.
Art has the potential to be this curious something that has the ability to pull us out of implicitness.
I am interested in creating strangeness in the familiar, which I see as a catalyst for curiosity, mostly by using materials in unusual ways and by recreating familiar moments in unfamiliar situations. - Anne Petters

Education & Teaching (Selected)
2011MFA, Sculpture/ Dimensional Studies, Alfred University, Alfred, USA
Since 2016Glass Technician at City and Guilds of London Art School, UK
2016Visiting Lecturer, Royal College of Art
Awards / Grants (Selected)
2018Artist in Residence, S12 Gallery, Bergen, Norway
2015Fall Semester, Artist in Residencez, SIU Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, US
2014Queen Elizabeth Scholarship, Trust for Excellence in British Craft Summer Scholar
Artist in Residence, Pilchuck Glass School and Edinburgh College of Art
2012First Prize, Media in Space, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany
Exhibitions (Selected)
2018.11-12Schieper´s Gallery, Hasselt, Belgium
2018.12Artvision, Tubbergen, Netherlands
2018Homo Faber-Crafting A More Human Future, Cini Foundation, Venice
COLLECT 2018, International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects, Saatchi Gallery, London
Tactile, Glazenhuis, Lommel, Belgium
Lightbox, St. Church Bethnal Green, London
2017Bild-Werk@30, Gallery Eisch, Germany
2016Emancipation, A Soulful Cup, Corning, NY
2015Solo Show-Liquid Crystals, Vergette Gallery, Southern Illinois University
2015/2016Illusion and Reality, European Museum for Contemporary Glass, Rödental, Germany
2014European Glass Experience/EGE, Undiscovered Potential, The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Murano Glass Museum, Italy, in 2015
Das Große Reinemachen (The Big Clean Up), Kunsthalle Nürnberg, 1ALL
Coburg Prize for Contemporary Glass, Veste Coburg, Germany
2013Geschwister/Siblings, Gallery HINTERLAND, Wien
2012Wand5 e.V., Stuttgarter Filmwinter, [1ALL]
2009Overlap, Art and Design Centre b-05, Montabauer, Germany

Collections (Selected)

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